Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New Vaseline

I have been waiting for them to bring out a red-tinted Vaseline for ages, so this is great news for me. I love red lips but hate the effort they involve, so this is perfect. The only let down is the spiced berry scent (for me that is so unappetising). I would have preferred no scent. It's available on the Selfridges website for now but should be rolled out into UK drugstores soon!

Maybelline Baby Lips

I genuinely thought this was an overhyped product before I tried it. How could just a tinted lip balm get so much online attention?
Now it's being rolled out into the UK I decided to pick up the shade 'Pink Punch', a bright Barbie pink which smells of pineapple. I initially thought the packaging was a bit babyish, but I've grown quite fond of it as it reminds me of the Lipsmackers I had when I was younger. Buying Babylips has actually made me want to go and repurchase Lipsmackers, I saw a Twister flavoured one in Topshop the other day which I will have to go back and buy. 
Anyhoo, the balm is literally all I've been using for the last week or so . My lips are soft and moisturised and you give the illusion of making an effort because the tint really looks like it could be a sheer lipstick or gloss. Pretty perfect for quick make-up before lectures. I also have my eyes on the 'Peach Kiss' shade, a peachy nude which, again has all the benefits of a lip balm. 
There are six variations in total (see below), but they have also released 'Baby Lips Loves Colour' inthe US, which are a 6H moisturising balm with a stronger hit of colour. I'm not sure when they will be released in the UK.
Priced at £2.99 each, or 2 for £5 in Superdrug at the moment, they're cheap and no fuss and look great on the lips.

From left to right: 'Grape Vine', 'Pink Punch', 'Peach Kiss', 'Peppermint', 'Cherry Me', 'Hydrated'

'Pink Punch'