Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express

I picked this up in Boots the other week, as I was in need of a new everyday masacara. Something that gave length and volume, but without the drama. This fits the bill pretty well. It isn't the best I've ever owned but it has done a good job of not smudging at the end of the day (a problem I always always have!).
The packaging is pretty nice, and easy to spot in the bottom of a handbag. The application is a little wierd- I find it very 'light' when I put it on- as if the brush isn't doing anything. You have to give a good couple of strokes to get a good lash.
Overall I'd say it's good, not great but good- I think it is still at introductory prices, so for £6 you can't really go wrong. I have noticed that the new gel-mousse formula does prevent lashes from going brittle or flaky, but it can still smudge after a night out- but hey what mascara doesn't?!

With Mascara On- during the day I like a natural look

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